The Dataharvest EIJC: When Europe meets in one room

Numbers, graphics, symbols or statistics made a lot more sense when journalists came together to tell their stories on The Dataharvest European Investigative Journalism Conference that took place in Mechelen City. This three-day event started on Friday 19 until Sunday 21 May where different kind of activities were shown. In addition, there were many workshops…

Edouard Perrin: “Tax matters are boring and very complex”

Edouard Perrin especially known for being one of the persons who helped revealing the story behind the Lux Leaks in 2012 is the speaker that I had an interview with. Edouard Perrin is a French investigative journalist and reporter who has worked for major companies and a French public station France 2. In 2012, he…

Portrait of a participant: Ana Lutzky

Ana Lutzky (36) winner of the Datajournalism in 2015 for the project Fin des crédits à l’export pour le charbon is a French Argentine journalist who have written several articles about the inequality. She gives her vision and interests as a participant in this European Investigative Journalism Conference. Talking about Europe, I am curious to…

Did you know that?

Two years ago, in 2015 the keynote speaker was Marina Walker Guevara where she talked about cross-border journalism. Marina holds an important position as a deputy director within the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). This year’s keynote speaker was French, investigative journalist Edouard Perrin.

Data Harvest, what does it mean?

Data Harvest. It’s an odd name for a conference. When I hear the word harvest I think about farmers. Yet, this is a conference about investigative journalism. If you look up the word ‘harvest’ online you will find the following definition (taken from Harvest (här’vïst) n. The act or process of gathering a crop Data…

Kom te weten of je gegevens veilig zijn

Op de website ‘have i been pwned’ kan je makkelijk checken of je slachtoffer bent geworden van een ‘dataleak’. Je doet dit door je e-mailadres in te voeren. De site controleert dan of je data gelekt is en waar de lek juist plaatsvond.

Inside the dark net

Louis Goddard (27) werkt als datajournalist bij ‘The Times’ en ‘The Sunday Times’. Op de ‘European Investigative Journalism Conference’ gaf hij een presentatie over het ‘dark net’.

Wist je dat?

Wist je dat er maar liefst 150 verschillende presentaties waren op de conferentie?