Edouard Perrin: “Tax matters are boring and very complex”

Edouard Perrin especially known for being one of the persons who helped revealing the story behind the Lux Leaks in 2012 is the speaker that I had an interview with. Edouard Perrin is a French investigative journalist and reporter who has worked for major companies and a French public station France 2. In 2012, he has won the Louise Weiss prize as one of the participants in the European investigation which made him an emblematic journalist in the world of investigation.

Edouard Perrin_Pictureby_ChristelleYokaZitu.JPG

Data sources

The journalist explains that everything in Data is important for investigation. This is the concrete material in which a journalist works. “If you have any documents, then you have any evidence.” Although data is the most important source, it does not exclude the major importance of human sources. “Without the sources of a human, you don’t have the data. There are some important stories, for instance, the Watergate Scandal that came to the light without any data. The story was based on human sources. Other stories do include data and human sources. In the end, without the sources of the human you cannot make sense of the data you have. Sometimes there are missing links that you can only have through human sources. Both way to tell a story are crucial.”


Edouard Perrin says how important It is to teach everything to your viewers. “You need to make sure that they understand the implication of what they see or hear. Tax matters are boring and very complex and It is very difficult to get an opinion about that.” Perrin explains why the Lux Leaks was long and complex. “The first time that my editors saw the information that I gathered. They said that we had to simplify It. It was not easy to find an angle that was going to interest people. And sometimes you still should remember from where you are coming from. We have achieved something but of course there is still a lot to do but the issue is overall done.” Perrin is sceptical about the future because for him the present is Data. “Now data is everything. It is not about how I see the future. It is all about the present. And we must pay attention to all kind of issues. Not as journalists but as citizens.”


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