Portrait of a participant: Ana Lutzky

Ana Lutzky (36) winner of the Datajournalism in 2015 for the project Fin des crédits à l’export pour le charbon is a French Argentine journalist who have written several articles about the inequality. She gives her vision and interests as a participant in this European Investigative Journalism Conference.

Talking about Europe, I am curious to know your approach on the past French elections. The entire debate about staying in Europe or not was one of the main topics. What is your point of view on that? “I am so glad about the results of those elections. As an Argentinian living in France It is important for me to stay in Europe. Everything is about meeting people.” Ana Lutzky parents came in France through an organisation. “They had the chance to come in Europe. This explains my gratitude for Europe.”

©Christelle Yoka Zitu

Ana Lutzky has taken part on different projects when she was younger. “When I was nineteen years old I took part on a project from Paris to India.” For three months, she made documentaries for people in those countries and this is how her passion and growth for Europe got bigger. “For instance, we are all here from different cultures and countries. Do you imagine quitting Europe?”


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