Ben Meghreblian and the sandwich issue

All kinds of things happen at EIJC17. For instance an issue with the sandwiches during lunch.

Ben Meghreblian is a community manager for OpenTrials in London, United Kingdom. OpenTrials is an Open Knowledge project. Their goal is to make an open, easy-to-use, linked database of information about clinical trials all over the world.

Ben and I met at lunch on Saturday, which was served in the cafeteria. The organisation made one massive mistake: the information card explaining what is inside each sandwich was in dutch. Every single one of them. Quite a flaw for an international conference. I offered my translating skills and explained what the choices were.

I quickly learned Ben is a funny guy. He was telling stories about previous data harvest conferences and explained that it used to take place in Brussels before. Luckily for him the commute is very easy. Besides the Dutch sandwich cards, he also made fun of Campus De Vest’ building: “it’s like they had a discount on the concrete here”, he jokes.

Ben is

the infamous sandwiches with their Dutch cards. 

Follow Ben on Twitter @Benmeg



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